# Competition Regulations

By registering, all combatants agree to adhere to and follow all NWSC Rules & Regulations

  • Submission only.
  • No points or advantages.
  • Ages – 18+ (*18 years of age within the calendar year, w/ parent or guardian approval)


# Banned moves

  • Spine locks. (i.e. Executioner, Twister, Boston Crab, etc.)
  • Slams out of guard or submissions
  • Driving any competitor off stage
  • Striking
  • Scissor takedowns
  • Jumping guard
  • Spiking
  • Heel hooks in gi competition
    • If both match competitors agree to allow heel hooks in their gi match, they will be permitted.

The result of any banned moves used in competition will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the event. Disqualification may include a permanent ban from NWSC competition for the competitor and potentially their entire team/gym.

# Divisions

Male (Gi and No Gi)
145, 165, 185, 205, 225, HW

Female (Gi and No Gi)
115, 130, 145, 160, 175, HW

# Match Times

Blue – 5 minutes
Purple – 6 Minutes
Brown – 8 Minutes
Black – 10 Minutes

# Judging

In the event of a lack of submission, the match will be judged by three impartial judges. The competitor awarded a majority or unanimous decision will be declared the winner, based on NWSC criteria:

Position advancement – Continuous effort towards a more dominant position or submission.
Submission attempts – Priority will be awarded to dominance of submission (I.e., An RNC is valued more than a wrist lock) and legitimate potential to finish with the submission attempt.
Warnings – Warnings will be given by the referee at their discretion for a lack of action, position advancement, or submission attempts. A third warning will result in disqualification.

# Weigh-ins

Weigh-ins will be conducted the morning of the event at 10:00a MST. Competitors must be present with their coach by 9:45a MST.
Competitors who fail to make weight may lose the right to compete at the current and/or future events.
Competitors do not need to weigh-in in their competition attire.
Photos of the competitors will be taken at weigh-ins, including a personal photo and a face off photo.

*NWSC discourages extreme weight cutting. Please select the weight class that best represents the current weight for the competitor to avoid issues with health, performance, or failing to make weight.


# Coaches

One coach will be allowed per athlete. This coach will be given access to the weigh-in, rules meeting, locker room, warm up area, and mat-side corner. The coach must accompany their competitor to the weigh-in, rules meeting and competition event.

# Uniforms

Gi –
Gis will not be weighed or measured. NWSC reserves the right to disqualify gis based on:
– Offensive/Too many patches
– Damage
– Odor

No gi –
– Rashguards are mandatory in no gi but can be long or short sleeve.
– Shorts must be board shorts with no pockets, plastic or metal and must be shorter than knee length.
– Spats are optional. If used by men, shorts must also be worn over the spats.
– Knee sleeves are optional

# Banned Attire

– Shoes
– T-shirts
– Athletic supporters
– Jewelry and rigid hair pins
– Headgear or Rugby helmets

# Hygiene

Competitors must keep all nails trimmed, prior to competition.
– Uniforms must be clean and odor free.
– Long hair must be pulled back or braided, as to not cause irritation during the match.
– Transferable makeup will not be allowed.
– Competitors may be disqualified if they arrive with any skin irritations or lesions.